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Your Health is Your Greatest Asset

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  • Go Green for Health
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When asked, "How is your health?"
Reply, Excellent!

Guaranteed Results 10 Days at a Time!
1. First, You will receive a FREE 1 Hour Consultation
2. Next, a FREE Health Evaluation including pH Balance Test
3. Then, a Strategy, Plan, Process and to Reclaim your HEALTH

Change for MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, SOUL AND EMOTIONS to Overcome Any Challenge
Purium Fit 4 Life

1. Start with a 3 Day Preparation
2. Next, due a 10 Day Transformation 10 Day Cleanse
3. Then, start the retrain the Brain and Body Process with 10 Day Transformation System
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Consultation
  • Mentoring
  • Recovery
  • Weight Loss
  • Food, Juice, Seed and Essence Oil Therapies Available

Together we can transform your Health.
Retrain YOUR Brain. Change YOUR Habits.
When you are in a state of honor, respect, self-discipline, courage and the pursuit of Excellence, your health, mind, body and spirit reflects it. GO FOR IT!
~ Saquina Akanni
Prosperity Doctor

Go Green - Get Fit for Life - Love Your Life
  • Change Your Mind - Rethink Your Diet 
  • Change Your Lifestyle - Your Health will Change
  • Eat Whole Live Foods - Reclaim your health
  • Take Charge of Your Health - Retrain your brain

You Can Transform  and Recover Your Health 
  • Greens - Eat Leafy Veggies = Repair Foods
  • Browns - Eat Brown Carbs = Fuel the Body
  • Fresh Fruit - Eat 3 Per Day = Colored Foods Cleanses the Body
  • Alkaline Water - Flushes Waste = Flush Kidneys
Saquina Akanni

The Prosperity Doctor

Prosperity Doctor - Fit for Life - Time for a Tune Up? Become Rooted in Spirit

Your Health is Your Greatest Asset
Try FOOD THERAPY to boost your Will Power 
Become Rooted in Spirit
Fit for Life Healthy
When asked, "How is your health?"

Health Lives within YOU - Your Choice of Food and Lifestyle
Happiness Lives within YOU - Your Choice of Love, Joy and Giving
Wealth Lives within YOU - Your Choice of Acceptance and Accountability

Time for a TUNE Up - Mind, Body and Spirit
"When you are in a state of balance Love, Honor and Respect for yourself and others it is easy to exercise discipline. When the Heart and Soul are united self-discipline becomes easier, because you are Rooted in Spirit
The Spirit resides in the Heart .Only then can your Soul stand in Power and Intention with Focus and Clarity. YOU - your Soul is united as one with the Light which is also called your Spirit. Only then is your Heart and Soul able to control your mind, instruct you thinking, guide your emotions and engage your body in self-discipline. The body will follow the mind  when the Soul Rooted in Spirit or rebel against you in addictive desires. You have the Will Power and Courage to be the BEST that you can be to execute your Plan, Process and Practice in the pursuit of Excellence. In this state YOU are already WEALTHY and your health, mind, body and spirit reflects it! If you are not in this natural state  of  health it is TIME for as a TUNE-Up. "

Fountain of Youth Foods
Saquina Akanni
Prosperity Doctor